Photo Gallery – See Our Team at Work Serving the Mid-Shore Area


Welcome to our Mr. Rooter Septic, Sewer & Drain Services Photo Gallery.
These photos were taken during our daily field work serving the Mid-Shore area.

Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation for location of underground utilities with Mr. Rooter Commercial Jet Vac.

High Pressure Water Jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting

Video Camera

Video Camera Inspection

Crushed Thin Wall Pipe

Crushed thin wall pipe replaced with PVC Schedule 40.

Vac-con removing sand and debris from manhole

Mr. Rooter Vac-Con in use with 8" vac tubes removing sand and debris from the bottom of a manhole. There was a blockage in the sewer line entering the treatment plant.

Roots in sewer main

Roots in sewer main

Vac-Con Combination truck using high pressure water jet hose to clean storm drain

Mr. Rooter Vac-Con Combination truck using high pressure water jetting hose to open and clean the storm drain. 8" tubes with high vacuum remove sand and remaining debris.

Sewer line replacement requiring careful excavation around utility lines

Careful excavation around utility lines for sewer line replacement. Bricks were removed for access and dirt placed on tarps.

Storm drain cleaning

Storm drain cleaning followed by video line inspection.

Sewer Line Repail

Sewer Line Repair

Heavy sludge in distribution box

Heavy sludge in distribution box.

Video Pipeline Inspectionl

Preparing for sewer line cleaning and video pipeline inspection during the cleaning process.

Commercial sewer line cleaning

Removal of manhole covers to clean commercial sewer line.