Drainfield Restoration – An Alternative to Septic System Replacement


Do you have a soggy yard? Slow flushing drains? Backyard Odors?
Don't replace your septic system - Restore it!

Introducing Terralift ..
Mr. Rooter's special restoration process. We strive to offer only the best service.

Our Mr. Rooter Restoration Process works in tandem with a proven scientific process to give NEW LIFE for your septic system in one day with minimal disturbance to the lawn!
We will bring drainfields back into working condition.
Save hundreds of dollars and avoid unnecessary excavation.

Here's how it works!

Terralift uses a long, narrow probe and an integral pneumatic hammer to penetrate soil to depths of three to six feet - depending upon the depth of your leach field. It then forces air into the soil at a controllable rate using a high pressure compressor creating a network of fissures and cracks which breaks up the biomat that has formed on the walls of the trenches and loosens compacted soil in the leach field as shown above.

Air tends to follow the path of least resistance, and moves horizontally and vertically upward through the soil. The operation is repeated every four feet (depending on soil conditions) around each of the leach field trenches.

A diagram is made of your yard with dots of yellow spray paint to show area where Terralift process will be delivered. You can actually see the magic of moving earth through this amazing process.

You may be a candidate for Drainfield Restoration. So you won't confuse our process with any other, please call for our Free Estimate and Demonstration at 1-888-MR-ROOTER, or use our convenient online form shown below:

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