Freeing Clogged Pipes and Drain Cleaning

Residential, Commercial & Municipal

Emergency or Maintenance

Call Mr. Rooter when you have a back-up, for preventative maintenance or an inspection of your wastewater system. We can offer you cost effective solutions to all sewer and drain problems. Mr. Rooter technicians free clogged lines of all sizes and keep drains flowing efficiently.

Clean Drains such as in:

Kitchen Sinks, Lavatories, Bath tubs, Showers, Garbage Disposals, Septic Tank Lines, Field Drain Lines, Commercial Grease Traps, Floor Drains, Urinals, Toilets. Municipal Drains, Pump Stations, Culverts, Waste Water Treatment Plan Lines.

Discover BioChoiceES®! What is BioChoiceES® and where is it used? Use it inside pipes to help dissolve things like hair, soap, scum, gelatine and grease build up causing slow and stopped up drains. These problems are eliminated with BioChoiceES®. When added to the drainage system these friendly vegetative bacteria eat their weight in waste in minutes. Unlike most popular over the counter drain cleaners, BioChoiceES® contains no dangerous chemicals to hurt children or pets. BioChoiceES® is formulated in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.)

Auto Injection System BioChoiceES®