Hydro Jet – Clear Drain Lines to Like-New Condition

Mr. Rooter's hydro-jet service is the most effective method known to completely clear drain lines to a like-new condition. A line choked with years of accumulation of grease, soap, sludge or roots will be back in working condition with the skill of your Mr. Rooter team and the power of the super hydro-jet performance. Hydro-jet service is used in residential, commercial or agricultural settings.
The Hydro-Jetting Process Removes:
Grease Fibrous Material
Sludge Foreign Objects
Mud Root Mat
Silt Farm Animal Waste

Once the blockage problem is solved, a routine Drain Cleaning maintenance will help keep clean lines and avoid future problems. Our Video Camera Inspection allows us to view the internal workings of a pipeline to find and assess any existing problems. When a problem is discovered the hydro-jetting equipment, Color Video Camera Inspection allows us to view the integrity and internal workings of a pipeline. Promptly finding and assessing line defects can prevent future backups.

Restaurants and food processing plants that are subject to high or unusual grease accumulation in their lines are wise to practice regular drain cleaning maintenance. Lines that are hydro-jet cleaned go a long way toward minimizing emergency blockages that could result in downtime and expensive remediation.

Protecting the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries with environmentally helpful procedures is important to us all. Storm drains and culverts benefit from Hydro-Jetting maintenance and Vacuum Cleaning processes especially after rainfall events to insure proper drainage.